Friday, May 7, 2010

So you've found my blog! Welcome.

 So you’ve found my blog! Welcome.
This is the place to keep up with all the behind the scenes snippets from your favourite ART * FASHION * ART FURNITURE destination.

So feel free to Follow my blog and check back to see what I’ve been up to and most importantly to make sure you don’t miss out… Oh – and don’t forget to share the love and tell your friends!

My Name is Sherry Wray. I live in Southern Saskatchewan with my family.
I am in my 30's or so..... With no formal fine art training whatsoever, and no knowledge of art history and even less of art technique.

I would say I am a self taught artist.
You can find me on facebook under Sherry Wray Artist

Originally the intention of my paintings was just about creating a strong image, purely visual, incorporating my experiences. I like to have different themes depending on my mood. Contemporary, ballsy, flirty, weepy, punk, no-nonsense, Funny, intelligent, unusual, independent, odd ball, and outsiders.

But most of all Lovely girls and sexy guys.

Oh and did I mention I don't always draw people!
I love to draw animals too and places.
For Mediums I enjoy using Acrylics,Indian Ink,colored pencils, charcoal and chalk.
When working with Charcoal and Chalk I enjoy making life like portraits that are lifetime family heirlooms.

In the studio space I do painting, drawing, sculpture, jewellery, ceramic arts, and glass arts.

Thank you for blogging!